Price transparency - The EU Omnibus Directive (EU) 2019/2161

Our promotional prices comply with the European Omnibus consumer protection legislation. According to the legislation, in all physical stores and online shops, all promotional activities, discounts and price reductions must be communicated truthfully. In particular, the discount percentage can never be referred to the list price (i.e. the recommended retail price), but rather to the lowest price of the product in the 30 days prior to the promotion.

Price promotion

How we communicate promotions

When a product is discounted you can view the following details:
  • Lowest price last 30 days: it is the lowest price at which the product was on sale in the 30 days before the price reduction
  • Original price: indicates the retail price of the product before the promotion
  • Discount: always highlighted for products on promotion, both in percentage and as amount saved, calculated starting from the lowest price